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When using a limited company as a vehicle to grow your property portfolio, you need a limited company mortgage to match. Our advisers are well-equipped to guide you through securing the most suitable one.

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How we can help with your Limited Company mortgage:

Advice on building your property portfolio

Our team of experienced mortgage advisers who also happen to be property investors, offer transparent, personal and impartial advice to find the most suitable mortgage for your needs.

Learn how to make your ventures more tax efficient

To fully leverage the possible tax benefits associated with building your portfolio through a limited company you’ll need advice from a qualified accountant or Tax Adviser. Our advisers can help point you in the right direction for information that will help you maximise tax benefits.

Maximise your portfolio’s profitability

Let our advisers show you how the right limited company mortgage opens doors to new ways you can punch up your portfolio’s profitability.

Let us find a Limited Company mortgage for you

Speak to one of our friendly advisers today, and download your credit report via 'Check my file', to kick start the process.

Product FAQs:

This type of mortgage is specifically designed for properties that are owned and managed by a limited company, rather than an individual investor. Limited company mortgages can provide tax advantages and other financial benefits to investors, depending on their specific circumstances.

In summary, a limited company mortgage is a mortgage used for purchasing buy-to-let properties through a limited company or an SPV, offering a tailored financing solution for properties owned and managed by limited companies.

For a limited company buy-to-let (BTL) mortgage, most lenders typically require a minimum deposit of at least 15% of the property’s value. When providing the deposit for the investment, you must demonstrate that you have the funds readily available and can access them at the time of purchase. Keep in mind that deposit requirements may vary between lenders, so it’s essential to research and compare various mortgage options to find the one that best suits your needs.

In summary, to obtain a limited company mortgage, you generally need a minimum deposit of 15% of the property’s value, and you must be able to prove the availability of these funds at the time of purchase.

Deciding whether to buy a property through a limited company depends on your specific situation and objectives. If you are a property trader, meaning you purchase properties to make value-adding improvements and then sell them for a profit, buying through a limited company could be more advantageous.

Operating as a limited company can offer tax benefits, limited liability protection, and potentially easier access to finance. However, it also comes with added administrative responsibilities and costs. It’s essential to carefully consider your personal circumstances, financial goals, and consult with a financial advisor or accountant to determine the most suitable approach for your property investments.

Purchasing property through a limited company can be worthwhile in certain circumstances, particularly if you plan on using mortgages to finance your investments. One key advantage of buying properties through a limited company is the ability to claim 100% of your mortgage interest against your rental income as an operating expense, which could result in significant tax savings.

However, it’s essential to consider the overall costs and responsibilities of setting up and managing a limited company, such as administrative tasks, legal requirements, and accounting fees. It’s crucial to evaluate your individual financial situation, investment goals, and consult with a financial adviser or accountant to determine if buying property through a limited company is the most suitable strategy for you.

What our customers think:

Kashif SharifKashif Sharif
15:32 22 Sep 23
The team at Hearthstone Mortgages recently managed my re-mortgage. Their service was very professional, swift, and ultra efficient. I am absolutely delighted with how the process went from start to finish, and I would highly recommend doing business with them.
Gary CorbettGary Corbett
18:08 15 Sep 23
Incredible service and advice from start to finish. When you work with Ajay you feel that your deal matters to him as much as it matters to you.A great addition to any power team, I look forward to working with Ajay on our next project.Highly recommend!
Sandra BSandra B
13:45 31 Aug 23
Best experience with a mortgage broker in a long time. Very responsive and reliable. Special thanks to Jordanne, highly recommend them!
Lee TomlinsonLee Tomlinson
22:33 30 Aug 23
I've worked with Hearthstone Mortgages on a number of occasions and have a great relationship with them. They have found me some great deals and communication is great whenever I need support. We'll certainly work together in the future.
Joe NewmanJoe Newman
17:20 22 Aug 23
Had an excellent experience dealing with both Ajay and Nadine who assisted my limited company with a remortgage and purchase at the same time. Would highly recommend and will definitely use again in the future.
joey awaritefejoey awaritefe
20:38 17 Aug 23
Hearthstone Mortgages were great at supporting us with first getting a bridging loan, and then securing a buy to let mortgage.Ajay was able to provide guidance throughout the processes and Nadine was always on hand to ensure things were ticking along and to answer any queries.
Jason EdgeJason Edge
22:04 16 Aug 23
Used Hearthstone for the first remortgage in our portfolio. Jordanne was very helpful through the whole process and a pleasure to work with. In you need advice or a mortgage of any kind I would highly recommend them. Thanks again
Jamie BoxallJamie Boxall
11:07 16 Aug 23
We have been working with hearthstone now for two years.The team are incredible at what they do they take time to understand your case and really work to get your the right product for you.I strongly recommend Ajay and his team to any investors or for your own residential purchase
Conor HarrisonConor Harrison
18:38 21 Dec 22
Second time I've worked with Ajay at hearthstone and won't be the last! An expert in his field and delivers such a personable and professional service, thanks for everything!
King Panda PropertiesKing Panda Properties
08:12 03 Dec 22
Excellent knowledge, systems and client care, Hearthstone Mortgages has it all!In particular, a portfolio owner herself, Mortgage Advisor Jordanne deserves a special mention. From Day 1 her understanding and attention to my client needs has been outstanding and she is an absolute asset to the business and company owner, Ajay.I wholeheartedly recommend using Hearthstone based on my experiences, be it a private mortgage, BTL, portfolio etc. I will certainly be continuing to use them going forward. Thanks, Jordanne. KPP
Simon CharnockSimon Charnock
17:46 14 Sep 22
Great communication throughout, excellent service, always happy to help and advise making the remortgage of a HMO property very straight forward.Thanks Ajay and teamSimon @ C&W Homes
Carys GreenCarys Green
18:15 11 Jan 22
I can’t fault the service i received for my remortgage. Other advisors were put off with my slightly complicated situation however Ajay made the whole process easy and completely seamless. He also went above and beyond to push forward to completion whilst he was on holiday.Thanks for all your help and looking forward to working with you again in the future.
Dessi DonchevaDessi Doncheva
16:21 13 Mar 21
Couldn't thank Ajay from Hearthstone Mortgages enough for his support, professionalism and responsiveness! Ajay pretty much held our hands through the purchase of our first investment property, guiding us through the process, explaining every detail I questioned on the mortgage documents and doing his best to speed up the purchase at a time when solicitors and lenders were being inundated with work and slowing things down. When our mortgage offer expired, Ajay got right on it and even got us a better rate! Not to mention, he was even chasing our solicitors and escalated the case internally as the solicitor handling our case wasn't very on top of things, so Ajay got them changed, leading to the purchase completing within a few weeks afterwards. All of this for a very fair price - what you pay is much less than what you get! Thoroughly recommend Ajay and the team and will be using them again in the future for sure!
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